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    • 25 October 2017

      The Healthiest Bank in the Nordics Opens

      These days, 2000 employees are settling into the new Nordea Headquarters designed by Henning Larsen. With its distinct position close to Amager Faelled, the magnificent preserved nature area of Amager, the building is designed to be a lively and vivid workspace that opens towards the city and nature.

    • When you want information to move fast and flexibly across an organization and at the same time secure a healthy workplace where employees thrive, architecture is one of the most important instruments. At Nordea’s new headquarters, the architecture supports a culture where employees have the opportunity to design their own workday and define their workflow in a healthy, sustainable environment.

      Participation, flexibility, and well-being result in greater independence, job involvement, and passion. In the new Nordea headquarters, the employees do not have a permanent desk. A range of flex rooms, multi-rooms, project tables, and touchdown workspaces secures that employees throughout the day can shift between varying work situations. Towards the façade where you are closest to nature, we have placed space for focused work – creating a feeling that you are almost working on Amager Faelled. At the balconies towards the atrium, we placed coffee stations and a range of the more informal working zones.

      "With Nordea Metro, we place ourselves in the front row when it comes to sustainability and a strong work environment. And the architecture supports our desire to be flexible and gives us a good opportunity to easily collaborate across the organization, " Frank Vang-Jensen, head of Nordea in Denmark, says.

      Nordic values and transparency

      Nordea is a Nordic bank and therefore the employees are now also moving into a building inspired by Nordic landscapes as well as Scandinavian values such as transparency and openness.

      Passersby on the street have the opportunity to glance directly into conference rooms and offices, and employees are working in close contact with both the city and the spectacular nature of Amager Faelled.   

      “With the Nordea building, we have tried to create a transparent and inviting framework for the organization. The large spatialities work like cityscapes where people can meet and live. It feels like the entire bank has transformed into a small city,” says Design Principal and leading Partner at Henning Larsen, Louis Becker.

      Two great atriums are connected by a publicly accessible inner street space, where visitors and street pedestrians can cross through the building. As you pass by, you can glance through the transparent glass facades and observe life in the bank. The trading floor, the biggest in the North, is also an important example of how one of the core activities in the financial sector, the trading of stocks, opens up to the outside world - while retaining the level of security needed.

      Nordea's Head Office is designed to meet the highest LEED certification in the platin category.