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    • 30 October 2017

      We Received an Honorable Mention for Munich Concert Hall

      This week our proposal for the new Munich Concert Hall received an honourable mention. Our contribution distinguished itself in the invited international competition attended by more than 30 architectural practices.

    • With our design proposal, we have created an open and accessible Concert Hall. Our proposal shows a building that makes culture accessible at all hours of the day. It is a technically advanced Concert Hall that sparkles and vibrates at iconic night performances. It is equally a building, that showcases the production cycle of music taking place. We have placed production and practice rooms along the facades. This makes it easy to follow life within the building. The Concert Hall pays tribute to the art while simultaneously breaking down barriers relating to fine culture.

      The building is located in an old industrial quarter of Munich where goods for the larger German market have been manufactured for centuries. We wanted to pay tribute to the practical hands-on approach of the area. Therefore, the building is approachable from multiple sides giving the impressions that the city continues inside. In this building children and adults can learn about music and watch how instruments and props are used. It is a Concert Hall for everybody.