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    • 10 November 2017

      Poetic Extension Completes the Art Pavillion Videbaek

      The new extension for Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon in Videbæk, Denmark designed by Henning Larsen is now open. It is an inviting pavillion in close connection to the surrounding nature

    • A generous donation of 70 works of art by the Danish artist Arne Haugen Sørensen made it possible for Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon to expand with further 400 m2 in connection with the existing building. Having designed the original building, we re-established the collaboration with the museum and designed an extension that brings new life to the architecture while maintaining the original atmosphere and poetry.

      To create cohesion and unity it was a focal point in the design process of the extension to continue the original architecture.

      Like rushes in the wind

      Thus, the extension continues the architectural concept of the original building with a walkway for visitors and by passers that envelops the new building. An open space between the interior and the open façade with oblique elements.

      The museum is beautifully located in the western part of Videbæk Park, with the original building being situated as a Japanese tea house by the edge of park and lake. The geometry of the façade was originally inspired by the surrounding nature – trees, and rushes of the lake swaying in the wind.

      With the façade being a significant common feature between the two buildings, they are now both in close connection to the beautiful park in which they are located.

      The exhibition room is designed to support the art in the best possible way. A substantial overhead light lets in daylight to create the right shadow play for the display of sculptures. The new exhibition area is exclusively for the works of Arne Haugen Sørensen.