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    • 03 January 2018

      A Trading Floor that Challenges Conventions

      Nordea’s new headquarters in Ørestaden, Copenhagen is home to Scandinavia’s largest trading floor that sets the tone for a new openness and sustainability in the financial sector.

    • Six hundred traders have recently settled into Nordea’s new headquarters in Copenhagen. Here traders work with views of scenic Amager Fælled, and by-passers and commuters can look directly into the trading floor when passing the headquarters on the metro. 

      This transparency is not a given in the financial sector. In most cities, trading floors are isolated, hidden behind thick walls without contact to the surrounding world. The trading floor in Nordea’s new headquarters is not only the largest in Scandinavia but an innovative example of how one of the core activities in the financial world, the trading of stocks, can be made visible to the surroundings, and simultaneously live up to security levels and ambitious goals within sustainability.

      Sustainable transactions

      In the impressive western atrium space, a gentle daylight caresses the 600 workstations. The daylight enters from a controlled overhead lighting. The goal of the daylight strategy has been to ensure that light never hits the computer screens directly, interrupting work. The overhead lighting provides the traders with a comfortable, indirect lighting and a natural work environment enhancing overall comfort. It furthermore reduces the need for artificial lighting thereby saving energy.

      A ventilated false floor with micro-perforated floor plates and carpets diverts the heat away from workstations, just as water cooling embedded in the desks diverts heat from screens and technical equipment. The surplus heat from the datacenter is used to heat up the employee bicycle parking with room for 715 bikes. With the bank’s total capacity of 2000 employees, 715 of Nordea’s employees now contribute to lowering the CO2 emission by riding a bike to work.

      With the LEED Platinum certification, we have reduced the energy consumption in the datacenter with 62.5% compared to a LEED basic calculation.

      The ambition to create an open and transparent Trading Floor with scenic views and visibility from the outside – a Trading Floor with a healthy and sustainable work environment is now setting new standards for working environments in the financial world.