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    • 18 January 2018

      These Two Projects Bring Livability to One of Sweden’s Major Cities

      A high-rise and an old harbor area might not have a lot in common – but they can both serve the same purpose as flourishing urban spaces if they're designed to.

    • Along with SLA and COWI, we’re aiming for just that in Gothenburg, Sweden with two projects - very different in scale, architectural expression and context. One is a high-rise (Skanska Fastigheter) that acts as a gateway to the city, the other is a masterplan that regenerates an old industrial harbor area. However, they share the same ambition: To use design with knowledge in order to create a lively, attractive and active city 24/7.

      Life between buildings - innovation and networking

      The Lindholmen masterplan, which we are currently designing, supports this notion on a broader scale. Lindholmen is located on the sunny side of the river in close contact with the water and has easy access to central Gothenburg. The vision in to reinforce and transform Lindholmen that today holds Chalmers University and Lindholmen Science Park, into a dense and vibrant urban area. 

      The key to doing this is creating an active and intimate urban fabric in the spaces in between buildings. The in between spaces are here defined as small streets, plazas and passages, which are planned so they provide good microclimatic conditions - both in terms of shelter and efficient use of daylight throughout the seasons. Apart from this, the physical plan has a good degree of flexibility so it can support future changes and the mixed program. In this sense, the masterplan is also a tool for the future development of the adjoining urban areas.

      When we design cities, we always strive to create a vibrant urban fabric by activating the base of the buildings and the in-between spaces – for the greater good of the community. A city should be generous to its citizens - that is a common denunciator regardless of the scale or program.

      Build high, give back to the city

      Gothenburg City Gate is a high-rise located in the area Görda, where it acts as a portal to Gothenburg. It will become a strong addition to both the skyline and streets of City. Even though the project is essentially two commercial towers, the key to the project is the base, which consists of an open and inviting ground floor of mixed-use functions of various amenities, including a cafe, retail space, a gym, a WeWork space, an outdoor terrace, and underground parking.

      The diversity of the first floors ensures constant activity and life in and around the building. We designed the buildings to accommodate a variety of programmes for different user interests. Another important feature is the plaza that is carefully oriented to ensure optimal microclimatic conditions. It offers good opportunities for outdoor activities – for both the city and the users of the towers.