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    • 06 February 2018

      Kick-off for Icone Tower in Manila

      We just signed the contract for the 36-floor Icone Tower in Manila, Philippines. The project is a joint venture between Henning Larsen and ARUP and will be designed out of Henning Larsen’s Hong Kong office led by Design Director Claude Bøjer Godefroy and Managing Director Elva Tang.

    • The Icone Tower is the result of an ambitious and fruitful collaboration with the client, the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA). It is designed to become an iconic landmark as well as setting an example of how a tall building should give back to a city and its people with the ambition of revitalizing an entire urban area.

      “We are proud and excited to sign the contract for this iconic project. In a few years, we will stand by the foot of this tower that celebrates the people and culture of The Philippines. The Icone Tower is about giving back to the city with generous public spaces. It sets a shining example of what contemporary Filipino architecture can be while defining a new standard for sustainability in this challenging climate,” says Claude Bøjer Godefroy, Partner and Design Director at Henning Larsen’s office in Hong Kong.

      A Landmark Rooted in Local Culture

      The 56.790 m2 tower will stand 275m meters tall spanning 36 floors. It contains a gallery, a museum, an observatory, conference hall, restaurant and dining facilities as well as office spaces and a new corporate office for client BCDA. The middle floors of the tower will become attractive daylight infused workspaces, surrounded by social spaces, and atriums for larger tenants. At the top floors of the tower provides the city with a public Observatory accessed through the museum and gallery, while a strong sense of community is fostered around the plaza.

      The core design ambition is to make The Icone Tower a truly Filipino building by understanding and integrating elements of local nature, culture, and climate. The plaza around the tower will feature a dense canopy of tall trees, designed in alignment with local climate to provide both shade, shelter and the ambiance of a Filipino tropical forest.

      Filipino culture emphasizes a strong penchant for gatherings and celebrations, traditionally enjoyed in public spaces. Hence, the plaza will offer a protected space for such popular activities and social gatherings to create life in the heart of the city.

      The Icone Tower is expected to be completed by end of 2021.