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    • 09 March 2018

      New courthouse-win in Malmø

      We have won the competition for a new important courthouse in Malmø, Sweden. The courthouse will unite the city court and the administrative court in one building.

    • Henning Larsen was the only non-Swedish participant out of four and the competition was based on a dialogue process. With our winning proposal, we strive to create a dialogue between the city and the courthouse. The height and scale of the building meet the local context of small and large buildings and connects the city across the historical city center and the future neighborhood of Nyhamnen, an old harbor area currently being transformed.

      ”We searched for the balance between the building’s expression and function,” Partner Søren Øllgaard, Henning Larsen explains. “The new courthouse stands out as a unique building and plaza with its own character and symbolism. But the internal logic of the building is first and foremost dictated by our concern for the users’ safety, comfort, and dignity.”

      The jury committee, consisting of representatives from The City of Malmø, The Swedish National Courts Administration, the owner of the site Jernhusen and the client Castellum, agreed to our proposal:

      “The buildings fit well into the city and expresses character without being authoritarian. Large courtyards with greenery enrich the indoor environment in offices and negotiation rooms. […] From a business point of view, Henning Larsen’s proposal advantages functionality, efficiency, and flexibility through the connected office floor plans”, the motivation said.

      The regulatory process is ongoing.

      Malmø Courthouse joins our growing number of significant buildings in Sweden, including Kiruna City Hall (exp. summer 2018), Gøteborg City Gate, European Spallation Source (ESS), Malmö City Library, Uppsala Concert and Congress Hall and the Umeå Museum of Art and School of Architecture