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    • 22 June 2021

      Henning Larsen Creates Modern City of Light for Louis Poulsen

      In March 2018, at the Light + Building Fair in Frankfurt, Louis Poulsen will welcome visitors into a uniquely Scandinavian urban environment shaped, above all, by light. Designed by Henning Larsen, the life-size model of a modern city will showcase how the integration of indoor and outdoor light as an essential component of architecture enhances the urban experience.

    • The space will present Louis Poulsen’s newest indoor and outdoor lighting designs – including the LP Capsule post top by Henning Larsen. Titled Humans, Light, Rhythm, the stand design explores the role of light in diverse urban environments, from city parks and streets to homes and workspaces.

      We found a mesmerizing way to bring visitors’ attention to urban illumination. The flow of light through the mini-city is controlled in part by perforated steel walls on many of the cube-shaped buildings. Light channels freely through these openings and lands in changing patterns on surrounding surfaces, mimicking the dynamic effect of city windows at night – and encouraging people to reflect on how light affects everyday experiences.

      A union of two bright, Scandinavian legacies

      Humans, Light, Rhythm brings together two major Danish design players with common values and a shared focus on lighting innovation. Louis Poulsen first established its reputation with the ingenious work of visionary lighting designer Poul Henningsen. Similarly, Henning Larsen was founded by Danish architect Henning Larsen, known for making light to the essence of his architecture.

      “Our architectural process is rooted in the question of how we can shape room and space with light. Based on our research we know daylight has a huge effect on people’s wellbeing, therefore daylight is an essential part of our design,” Signe Blomquist, Design Lead and Project Manager at Henning Larsen, says, echoing the principles at the heart of Louis Poulsen’s work.

      A shared Nordic aesthetic and design philosophy also contributed to the process of presenting a unified vision of the ideal urban space. Louis Poulsen CEO Søren Mygind Eskildsen says: “Both Louis Poulsen’s and Henning Larsen’s work is rooted in the philosophy that form should follow function – and all elements of our design bear the touch of Scandinavian simplicity. Together, we very much look forward to inviting visitors to examine how thoughtful illumination can enhance the way we live today.”

      Humans, Light, Rhythm demonstrates the extent to which we can shape our physical environment and the ambiance of our surroundings with light. The stand offers a vision of safer public spaces and presents a case for more human-centered indoor design for better working and living.