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    • 13 April 2018

      Reimagining Public Service for the City of Minneapolis

      We will be designing the new face of public service in Minneapolis ─ reimagining public service with a Scandinavian perspective.

    • Soon, the people of Minneapolis will – literally – be able to meet the city administration at eye-level. Focusing on an efficient and effective customer-centric experience, the coming office building, adjacent to the existing City Hall, will be the new face of public service for the city.

      The building is designed to encourage a professional, authentic, and vibrant community that reflects the diversity of Minneapolis. At its core is a wholly re-imagined public service model. The design approach, influenced by our Scandinavian ethos, focuses on creating collaborative and innovative workspaces, integrated sustainability, and highlighting daylight as a human right and contributor to a healthy workplace.

      It will truly be a building for everybody. As an urban gesture, the scheme invites the public into the building by placing extroverted and public functions towards Government Plaza. Taking inspiration from the region’s abundant green spaces and recreational areas, the design team infuses the same attractiveness at city scale, creating green, open spaces that create an inviting gesture towards the City Hall and activating the street level and plaza. Based on climatic simulations and analysis, the main entrance to the building is oriented to minimize wind exposure and the massing of the building and facade are oriented to optimize daylight.

      The public service building is another great win from Henning Larsen’s NYC office, which launched in September 2017. The North American portfolio features projects in design and under construction including the Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati and Etobicoke Civic Centre in Toronto, Canada.

      Designed with MSR Design.

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