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    • 17 April 2018

      New Workplace for Danish Railway Authority

      Clad in recycled brick, the future workplace of the Danish railway authority, Banedanmark, supports a dynamic corporate culture with a focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing.

    • As a modern office building, the facility meets the different employee needs. Engineers, as well as welders, will be able to work collaboratively and cross-disciplinarily throughout the day. A common space for informal meetings, cafes and other shared functions at the core of the building connects the three stories and breaks away from the classical atrium office building scheme.

      The 9200 square meter building offers plenty of natural daylight and spaces for interaction. Between the cantina and educational center, a wide staircase leads to the workplaces and serves as an open auditorium in the event of receptions, meetings, events etc. 

      The design draws inspiration from the present materials and atmosphere. The red brick façade will be made of recycled brick, preferably sourced from the existing building on site. Raw concrete structures in combination with wooden details and glass walls will create an easy and comfortable indoor climate and work environment.

      Developer and contractor KPC København will build and run the facility, which is expected to be completed in 2020.