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    • 08 May 2018

      Creating a Home With Architecture

      Where, how and with whom we live means a great deal for the quality of life. Henning Larsen exhibits two residential projects exploring the best possible home at the new Welcome Home exhibition at BLOX.

    • ‘Welcome Home’ is a journey inside Danish homes. The exhibition displays the historical breakthroughs that have shaped the way we arrange our homes – from industrialization to world wars and megacities.

      We exhibit the Adaptable House, a 146-m² single-family detached home that focuses on the changing needs and requirements of the Danish family as it moves through the various stages of home life: Couples move in together and have children. Children move away from home. The need arises for a home-based office etc. The house has a built‑in adaptability, offering many new functional possibilities. At the exhibition, visitors can move walls, add extensions and alter the house in other different ways to explore the different options for living.

      We also exhibit the UMEUS student housing concept that we designed for Nrep. The concept is based on thorough research into what makes a successful home for students. It is centered around co-living, and among other things, we explore the 'room in the room'. The little niche of calmness, like a large windowsill, that actually decreases the need for a lot of square meters in the private room, according to students.

      The Welcome Home exhibition is open from May 7th to September 23rd, 2018.