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    • 15 May 2018

      The Etobicoke Civic Centre Wins Sustainability Award

      The Etobicoke Civic Centre has been awarded the Rethinking The Future 2017 Sustainability Award in the Public Building Concept category.

    • Out of 486 entries from across the globe, the design concept for the Etobicoke Civic Centre in Toronto, Canada, is one of the proud receivers of the Rethink The Future Sustainability Sustainability Awards.

      The new 46,600 m2 Civic Centre and Square will support and engage all citizens of Etobicoke regardless of age, culture, ability and social standing and create a sustainable, dynamic, inviting and friendly environment for all. The four guiding principles in the design are mobility, identity, livability, and sustainability.

      We aim to unify the centre of Etobicoke while celebrating its unique areas, maintain and enhance a distinct identity for the Centre, prioritize pedestrians, balance transportation and infrastructure, improve the sense of scale and comfort, provide new amenities, “greenify” the Centre as well as de-isolate and connect the areas around the Centre. Potentials are drawn from site assessment, workshops with locals and stakeholder interviews. Local climate analysis ensures a thoughtful and smart design of the public realm and thermally comfortable, attractive and more healthy urban environments.

      Sustainability is reflected in the design, land use, transportation, and landscaping. Generous tree planting, the use of low-polluting and recycled materials, and an emphasis on active and public transportation will all reinforce the importance of environmental sustainability. Innovative approaches to stormwater management will reduce the strain on the City’s sewage system and, through the reuse of stormwater, ensure a healthy tree canopy.

      The RTF Sustainability awards celebrate architectural Excellency and projects that take one step forward towards the more sustainable future.