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    • 24 May 2018

      Biotope in Lille breaks ground: New visuals released

      New visuals reveal refinement of the façade design along with 5000 m2 of lushly planted rooftop terraces. Construction to be finalized before 2020.

    • Connoting a building designed as a natural living space perfectly suited to meet the diverse needs of its users and open to its surrounding environment, the Biotope provides nature-filled and light flooded space to the civic institution of the Métropole Européenne de Lille. The building will be located between the Grand Palais and the Regional Headquarters in Lille and it will include a 300-seat auditorium, multiple meeting rooms, as well as work and relaxation areas. This massive project of over 30,000 m2 will be mounted and assembled in the short span of 15 months.

      The project is being developed with Bouygues Construction, Linkcity, and local architect KeurK.