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    • 25 May 2018

      Two Projects in Top 100 of Best Danish Climate Solutions

      Middelfart City Hall and the Copenhagen Climate Resilient Block are among the best climate solutions in Denmark.

    • Middelfart City Hall and the Copenhagen Climate Resilient Block have been selected for the Klima100 (Climate100) publication, a collection of the best climate projects from municipalities across the country. The aim of the publication is to share knowledge for implementing sustainable transition on a municipal level.

      Senior Architect and Specialist in sustainable materials, Martha Lewis, partook in the creation of the submission for the Klima100 nomination. According to her, the publication demonstrates great potential as an inspirational tool for future public and private developments:

      “Kudos to those visionary municipalities who understand the necessity of raising the bar and demanding the best solutions already in the earliest phase of a project. As creative consultants, we are eager to engage with partners in projects with high ambitions to meet the challenging global goals”, Lewis explains.

      As in the case of Middelfart City Hall, the expected CO2 savings from choice of materials and operations is estimated to be 34% compared with a reference building from 2015.

      The Klima100 publication further describes all of the projects in terms of how they contribute to the UN Global Goals. Download the publication for free at

      Klima100 was edited by Sustainia and funded by Realdania.