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    • 08 June 2018

      The Many Qualities of Concrete

      Moesgaard Museum and the Bellahøj housing complex are both featured in a new anthology celebrating the unbreakable material of concrete.

    • It is a widespread belief that concrete is the epitome of the modern building material - but it is also met with mixed feelings. While it can be shaped freely, endure almost everything and is waterproof and perpetual, it can also – if used without caution - seem impersonal and uncompromising in all its nudity.

      It does not have to be like this, however. With a proper architectural vision, concrete as a building material has numerous qualities. A new book explores 21 architectural successes made with concrete, and two of our projects are featured.

      The use of concrete in Moesgaard Museum discretely references classic concrete buildings such as Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Marseilles or Louis Kahn’s Salk Institute in California. The use of concrete in the museum is a reminder that concrete is one of the most artistic of architecture’s materials, pointing towards the basic statics from which all buildings originate.

      At the iconic Bellahøj Houses in Copenhagen, we have replaced the old concrete facade tiles with the new Bellahøj-tile. The new hybrid tile developed with traditional concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete makes it possible to maintain the high variability in patterns and details that are characteristic of the buildings' overall expression.

      The book is launched today.