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    • 14 June 2018

      An Old Dream Comes True

      The City Hall in Uppsala, Sweden, is only partly finished according to the original design, and the architectural vision not fulfilled. Now, we are completing the old dream with a modern cut.

    • The existing City Hall in Uppsala from 1957 is a unique building originating from Late Modern Sweden. However, the building is only partly finished according to the original drawings. Now, we are completing the building with a new, L-shaped extension that finalizes the 50-year-old, original vision.

      The new building adds a modern quality to the existing building through its expression but is designed with respect for the original vision.

      “The original architects, the Ahlsen brothers, wanted to create an inner courtyard inside the building. We interpreted and further explored this idea in the new City Hall. In the extension, a large quadratic atrium constitutes an open square with public access, “ Project Manager Niels Edeltoft explains.

      The presence of the sky is maintained through the light glass ceiling; a construction that grants the atrium an open-air atmosphere and mimics an outdoor courtyard, making it a comfortable space for all visitors and citizens. Inside the atrium is a sculptural building that connects the old and new divisions of the City Hall with footbridges in different levels.

      An intact idea of openness

      The original City Hall was planned to support openness for all users. This is also a characteristic for the extension. Activity-based workspaces unfold throughout new and old buildings, and the building will be the city’s new meeting place and houses a variety of functions like a citizen service center, flexible workstations, cafés, restaurants, retail and conference facilities.

      Uppsala City Hall is expected to open in its new shape in 2020. It is designed together with SLA on landscape and Tyréns as engineers.