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    • 22 June 2021

      Designing a new Cultural Icon in Tromsø

      Moesgaard Museum and Harpa Concert Hall have paved the way for us to design yet another cultural building in Scandinavia: The new Tromsoe Museum – part of the UiT Arctic University of Norway.

    • Our international experience with cultural and educational buildings secured us top grade in the competition for a new university museum in Tromsoe, Norway. We won the contract in collaboration with local Borealis Architects, SLA, COWI and Expology.

      "We have a strong, cross-disciplinary team with local anchoring, and we cannot wait to design this museum in collaboration with the client Statsbygg and the University in Tromsoe. It is our dream that the museum will become a motor that contributes to the development of the entire harbor front, like what happened with Harpa in Reykjavik," Kasper Kyndesen, Partner and responsible for our activities in Norway, explains.

      When assigning the project, one of the most important parameters was quality:

      "We have primarily been looking for a team with experience in leading and coordinating large-scale, complex projects with the same functions as the museum in Tromsoe, and who could bring forth this expertise. Besides that, experience with outlining and planning cultural buildings have been prioritized. In these factors, the winning team excelled," says Client Consultancy Director in Statsbygg, Sunnøve Lyssand Sandberg.

      "We know from our experience with revitalizing harbor front throughout Europe that it has a major effect to tie the people and the water closer together. We see a great potential in the mixed functions that this museum will hold. Local and international students, researchers and museum guests will create a very special environment in and around the museum," Kyndesen explains with referral to the large urban development projects in Belfast, Brussels and Gdansk we won the past year.

      Since our first win in Norway, the University in Trondheim from 1968, we have designed multiple cultural buildings that – over time – have grown to become attractions. Like Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, that is both a museum, a research institution and excursion spot at the same time.

      Henning Larsen went to Norway for the first time back in 1968 to follow the construction of the University in Trondheim. This design led the way for many international educational- and cultural buildings, which have now grown into attractions of their own. As is the case with Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, both a museum, research institution and cultural destination at once.

      The new museum is expected to be 19,700 m2.