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    • 19 June 2018

      The National Museum of Sweden gets new Wooden Extension

      A new art museum in Østersund will make the Swedish Nationalmuseum’s art collection available to a larger audience. We designed the extension.

    • Swedish Nationalmuseum, together with open-air museum Jamtli, has erected its first branch outside Stockholm. This in order to increase accessibility to art throughout Sweden. The main attraction of the museum is a large studio, where children and adults are to let go of their creativity supervised by the Jamtli Museum’s award-winning team of art teachers. 

      According to the vision, Nationalmuseum Jamtli will be a gathering place accommodating thoughts and reflections in inspiring surroundings. We designed the extension, which furthermore comprises 300 m2 exhibition halls and a foyer with room for lectures, networking, and events. Through a modern interpretation of a classic, Swedish timber house, our design adapts to the ancient surroundings and simultaneously add a new identity to the area.

      With the new extension, the architecture of the Nationalmuseum Jamtli dates from the late 16th century until today. 

      Nationalmuseum Jamtli just opened. Construction of the extension, covering a total gross area of 1500 m2, began in December 2016.