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    • 04 July 2018

      Transforming our Copenhagen Office into a Living Lab

      A complete refurbishment of our 3,000m2 Copenhagen studio turns our workspace into a living lab for materials, research, and vegetation.

    • A modern workspace needs to tackle many challenges - and opportunities. To secure the best possible workflows for creativity and knowledge sharing in our own environment, we have re-designed our Copenhagen office completely. 

      “This project is about walking the talk,” Architect in Charge, Lou Charrier, says. 

      “We are often tackling the challenge of shaping the interior environment to fit ambitions and wishes for other companies, and now, we are doing it for ourselves; creating a workspace that supports our workflows, even enhances them, and by that helps us all do what we do best. A studio space that oozes creativity, that shows off our credentials and makes us collaborate and knowledge share even better,” she says. 

      The layout consists of a major upscaling in shared spaces like collaboration zones, workshop facilities, and informal meeting places including flex seating for a large part of our colleagues. A brand new, centrally located materials lab shapes a future showroom for researchers, clients, and collaborators, and on the roof, a garden with two bee families and wall plantation form the basis for our landscape architects to test their solutions. We are also creating an exhibition space and an extensive plan for graphic decoration.  

      The new design is based on extensive research into our needs as individuals and as a company, conducted and spearheaded by our own Interior Design Department and our Industrial Ph.D. fellow Anthropologist Drew Thilmany.

      Our Copenhagen office daily hosts around 200 colleagues.