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    • 16 July 2018

      Sunflowers Prepare Gdansk for New City District

      Cranes, industrial halls, and an old shipyard will form part of a new city district by the harbor front in Gdansk. But before the city is even done, it is our vision to develop the site and foster life and ownership through temporary urban spaces.

    • A city is not a city until there is life. To transform the 400,000m2 former shipyard in Gdansk into a thriving, coherent city, we have made plans for the landscape to create identity and ownership starting way before construction begins.

      Among other things, one of the plans is to establish a field of sunflowers in the area. Sunflower fields can – besides being an attraction and identity mark – cleanse the polluted industrial soil on site, preparing it for construction.

      We also want to start making sure the water in the canals can be used recreationally by cleansing it in large basins comprising mussels and plants. 

      ”We wish for the citizens of Gdansk to feel attached to the area already and experience the former shipyard as a natural place to visit, even before the buildings go up,” Salka Kudsk, Head of Landscape at Henning Larsen, explains.

      “It is important to us that we don’t take an area that a lot of people feel connected to and give it to the few by privatizing the entire site with residential buildings. We want to create a sense of shared ownership from the beginning, and to do this, we need to invite people in as soon as possible,“ Kudsk says.

      Our hope is that the proposed initiatives for the site development will give the new city a good offset.