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    • 20 August 2018

      The Henning Larsen Foundation honors Danish firm Norrøn

      The Henning Larsen Foundation awards Danish architecture firm Norrøn 100,000 DKK on the late founder’s birthday.

    • Copenhagen based architecture firm Norrøn is owned and managed by architects Poul Høilund, Maria Indrio og Marco Berenthz. The company is honored for its work inbetween architecture and commercial identity creation.

      "Norrøn is a newly established company, that consequently and self-consciously form part of a new Nordic movement in a most promising way," Kent Martinussen, CEO at Danish Architecture Centre said in his motivation speech.

      Norrøn was celebrated Monday afternoon at a private ceremony in Copenhagen.

      The Henning Larsen Foundation was first established in 2001. The purpose of the Foundation is to promote and disseminate Danish architecture in a broad sense. Each year on the founder's birthday August 20, one or more grants are awarded.

      Photo: Agnete Schlichtkrull