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    • 05 September 2018

      Sneak peek: The First Steps into Our New CPH Office

      A floor-to-ceiling redesign brings our vision of a Living Lab concept to life, creating new space for creativity and collaboration.

    • Our renovated Copenhagen studio is an experiment. Following several months of research and reconstruction, we’ve brought life to our vision of a Living Lab: space meant to encourage collaboration and creativity through a brighter, cleaner, more communal workplace.

      “A living lab is a place where people experiment, where they interact, where they are intuitively creative and you can see that creative process more spread out and transparent,” says Sarah Müllertz, Partner and Head of Interior Design at Henning Larsen, who spearheaded the renovation.

      Eliminating 52 desks created 950 square meters of additional floor space to explore new approaches to our work. Employees now convene at communal workspaces, fitted with furniture custom designed by our interior design teams. The physical materials of our buildings ­– copper siding, wood panel samples, slate tiles – are now accessible in open libraries, making our work more visible than ever.

      Also introducing even better virtual reality facilities, we have made room to explore new approaches to creating spaces. Still to come is a living tree in our atrium, an extensive overhaul from our graphics team, and a new urban roof garden, soon home to a colony of 80,000 bees.

      The redesign lends greater transparency to the office: Coworkers can more easily learn about projects in other departments and find space to connect and work together. The Living Lab is a spatial reflection of our values.

      “People wanted to see the creativity we actually practice here every day,” Müllertz said.