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    • 22 June 2021

      Dental Clinic Gives You a Reason to Come Back

      Correcting teeth using nearly invisible braces, Smiledesigns aims to give patients new smiles. With their new clinic in Copenhagen, created in cooperation with our team of designers, Smiledesigns have created a universe that gives patients a reason to return again and again.

    • The inspiration for this innovative new clinic was the desire to depart from the traditional cold, clinical atmosphere of the dentist’s office, and the ambition to deliver dental services through a pleasant and exclusive experience.

      Inspired by spa and wellness centers, our designers have outfitted Smiledesigns’ new clinic with natural materials, upholstered furniture and lightning that gives a warm, reassuring luxury to the clinic, without compromising functionality and practicality.

      The central feature of the décor is a custom-designed reception desk made of Italian marble. The stone has been treated and shaped as though it were a tooth, achieving a round, organic form and a soft, glossy veneer. A custom sofa and heavy curtains within the reception area direct a special focus to this unique sculptural centerpiece.

      The concept for Smiledesign’s clinic in Copenhagen will serve as an inspiration for future clinics throughout the country, and as such offers the company a special standing within the Danish market. Smiledesign’s dental services require patients to make repeat visits to the clinic, and as such, it was important to Smiledesign that the clinic completes the experience of restoring a healthy smile.