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    • 18 October 2018

      A Green Oasis in the Heart of Hong Kong

      With over seven million residents, the towering concrete and constant activity of urban Hong Kong presents a challenge to creating effective learning spaces. For some 1,100 students, the French International School’s Tseung Twan O creates a green refuge within the big city.

    • In an environment where exposure to green space is limited, the new French International School campus ensures that its students can find a change of pace from the conventional urban lifestyle.

      Promoting daylight, preventing noise pollution and providing healthful green spaces are the keys to this effort.

      A vegetated perimeter fence establishes the school as an urban green space, part of a network of planted space within the campus. A 400 meter-long track called “The Loop” winds its way throughout the campus playgrounds, and inclines through the Native Garden, giving students the opportunity to study stratified layers of native South Chinese plant species with the sensation of climbing up through a forest canopy. In total, 42 native trees grow within the campus.

      Planted spaces and protective design contribute to a healthier school environment. The greenery helps filter and improve urban air quality, and provides natural shading in outdoor areas.

      Although situated in a more densely urban setting than other campuses of the French International School, our new Tsueng Kwan O location stands out in its inclusion of healthful green spaces. The outcome is a flourishing, vibrant learning space that makes room for students to collaborate and grow within the city.