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    • 23 October 2018

      The French International School Sets an Example of Sustainability

      The new campus is green in form and function; designed to utilize the natural climate.

    • The building form and the façade designs are optimized to respond to the local climate and to decrease energy consumption and increase comfort by passive means. The massing of the buildings guides the cleaner prevailing winds from the sea through the campus to ventilate its playgrounds and circulation areas. The created breeze is further utilized indoor to allow natural ventilation and minimizing the need for air conditioning in some periods of the year.

      The deep brise-soleil facades of the campus are all facing north and south to minimize solar heat gains and offer generous but homogenous natural daylight within.  The materials used in the school are eco-friendly and create a noticeably healthier indoor climate: floors are made of natural rubber, ceilings are sourced from renewable bamboo forests, paint is non-toxic and all textiles are of pure wool.