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    • 31 October 2018

      Entering a World of Letters, Numbers and Quotes

      Our team of graphic designers has developed a graphic identity for the Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus. The graphic design takes the architectural vision as a point of departure, thus giving the finishing touches to the complete building.

    • The graphic identity is used for signage and glass markers outside as well as inside. In the classrooms, the graphics unfold through literary quotes and scientific doctrines and formulas, all of which have been carefully selected and adjusted to the specific subject and year level. Principal Jette Bjørn Hansen explains:

      “We have emphasized the importance of all the academic environments to indicate a certain identity. Traditional academic classrooms such as physics, chemistry, arts, and crafts, etc. all have their own physical configuration explaining which learning activities are intended to take place in the room. Now we are in a process of looking at which artifacts will support other academic environments in a way that makes it even more clear, what the purpose of the classroom is.”

      A complete experience

      The graphic identity of Frederiksbjerg School is, just as the rest of the building, made from a series of keywords including openness, movement, variation, and learning. By using and mixing different variations of the Devinyl font, our team of graphic designers has crafted a playful, dynamic, and everchanging graphic expression in colors complemented by the interior of the school.

      “The graphic expression reflects the school’s values and their legacy. The consequent implementation creates a strong identity and coherence throughout the building which offers children and adults a complete experience when they enter the school”, Lead Graphic Designer Bodil Nordstrøm at Henning Larsen, explains.

      The close cooperation between the architects and the graphic designers adds great value to the project, Nordstrøm points out:

      ”Being co-located gives us a thorough understanding of the building and its concept. Everything is integrated with the architecture. The decoration helps break down large surfaces and makes the school appear more human-scaled. Further, we avoid traditional signs and other alien elements.”