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    • 10 November 2018

      Frederiksbjerg School Wins at Building Awards 2018

      The school in motion has received the 2018 Building Award in the ‘Projektprisen’ category, celebrating the building’s sustainable efforts.

    • The Frederiksbjerg School in Aarhus, Denmark, has received an award for sustainability from the 2018 Danish Building Awards.

      The Building Awards honors sustainable construction and buildings. Frederiksbjerg School, designed in collaboration with GPP Architects, received the  ‘Projektprisen’ award, which celebrates a project that in particular has gained distinction and serves as an inspiration for the entire business.

      The award focuses on both the planning process, design process as well as the result, and how it all comes together in a project that benefits all involved parties, users, and the surrounding communities. The award is presented by Licitationen, Bygherreforeningen and Lean Construction in collaboration with Boligfonden Kuben.

      With its façade made entirely of recycled bricks, our design for Frederiksbjerg School saves a total of 1.15 million kg of CO2 compared to when using new bricks. That is equal to the emission of 10,000 one-way flights between Copenhagen and New York City.

      Inside Frederiksbjerg School, the children are encouraged to be physically active throughout the day. By means of climbing stairs, Tarzan tracks, and playgrounds, the children’s journey from A to B is designed to be a fun physical challenge. Customized zones for presentations, group work, and individual studies support the educational and didactic principles of the school. Physical activity is inevitable at Frederiksbjerg School. The results are better learning and higher test scores.

      Frederiksbjerg School was designed in partnership with GPP Architects, Møller & Grønborg, Niras, and Hoffman Contracting.