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    • 13 November 2018

      Transforming a Swedish Suburb into a Thriving City

      With cities getting denser, creating a vibrant city life outside our biggest metropolises is a great design challenge. The town of Täby in Sweden will get new life through a 292,000 m2 masterplan that emphasizes sport, education, nature, culture, and entrepreneurship. 

    • With a strong sports culture, great education, a green foundation and a cohesive sense of local identity, Täby carry a great potential. For Henning Larsen, it is a welcome task to transform Täby from a suburb into a city with a new masterplan for the Tibble – Åvatriangeln area.

      With Tibble 2.0, Henning Larsen has created a neighborhood that can carry Täby's identity and become a collective hub for the whole city. The vision for Tibble is to consolidate it as a neighborhood for everyday leisure and activity, as well as an incubator for knowledge, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

      "We have a winning proposal that will be great to realize with an incredibly skilled architect team. In Sweden, Henning Larsen has been noted for the Kiruna City Hall, and Uppsala Concert Hall,” says Martin Edfelt City Architect Täby Municipality.

      New layers of urban life

      In our winning proposal, Tibble gets a green and urban heart, a kind of “Central Park” for Täby -- A green and active civic center with plenty of opportunities for play, sport, and movement. By gathering local interests in a common hub, the city gets an entirely new ecosystem where nature, city life, activity, and innovation blends together. 

      Around the park, the plan makes space for collaboration between local entrepreneurs, students, and innovators. Flexible workplaces and meeting rooms, experimental labs, exhibition and event facilities offer the ideal conditions for knowledge exchange and cooperation beyond traditional borders.

      "It is a great pleasure to work on this ambitious project that embraces a modern challenge of creating city life outside of metropolises. The district is designed to create synergies between schools, business, culture, and everyday life in a vibrant urban environment with plenty of sunny- and wind protected locations," says Viggo Haremst, Partner & Design Director at Henning Larsen.

      Designing with climate analysis

      Anyone who has ever found respite from biting wind against a sheltered wall can recognize the importance of designing a comfortable microclimate. In Tibble 2.0, Henning Larsen has designed the public spaces and building volumes to raise the perceived temperature: creating a feeling of a longer summer season by lowering the wind chill factor and increasing the amount of available sunlight. In the best locations, outdoor dining and public places are situated so that as many people as possible can enjoy an extended warm season.

      With Tibble 2.0, the best qualities of Täby will receive new life; reimagined through a masterplan that emphasizes Täby’s local culture and elevates the city to a wider audience.

      We are currently also working on revitalizing Göteborg’s Lindholmen district as well as large harbor front developments in Gdansk, Poland, Belfast, UK, and Brussels, Belgium.

      The project is done in collaboration with SLA, COWI and Second City.