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    • 20 November 2018

      New Jyllands-Posten HQ Supports Inclusive, Transparent Journalism

      The latest addition to the Aarhus waterfront delivers on Jyllands-Posten's vision of an open, social space that gives the community a clearer look into the print cycle. Today, we celebrated the topping-out ceremony.

    • In a time of fake news, partisan publications and attacks on the press, the civic importance of journalism is perhaps clearer than ever. For newspapers, retaining credibility means demonstrating openness in journalistic practices, and maintaining an active connection with readerships. With our design for Jyllands-Posten, physical structure supports professional values – Providing a public space and visual transparency to draw closer with colleagues and readers.

      To create a more open and connected work environment, a sunlight central atrium establishes the social heart of the headquarters. Ample daylight from the atrium skylight shines through the floor-to-ceiling interior windows, illuminating four floors of office space. This transparency brings the entire print cycle into the light: For visitors and employees alike, this visual accessibility encourages a more open work environment and offers a clearer picture of the functions within.

      “We’re getting a house that is welcoming and transparent – just like our content should present itself to our readers. We are getting a house where we can see each other inside, and better make use of our respective skills,” said Jyllands-Posten Editor-in-Chief Jacob Nybroe at the office’s groundbreaking ceremony.

      Viewed from the harbor toward the Aarhus waterfront, the Jyllands-Posten headquarters’ glass exterior radiates light and activity toward its surroundings. The open atrium creates a communal space that supports the newspapers’ commitment to welcoming and reflecting local perspectives; contributing to the Aarhus waterfront’s growing presence as a social destination.

      The physical form of the new Jyllands-Posten headquarters reflects a journalistic commitment to transparency in reporting, providing a structural framework that encourages journalists and citizens to share space and interact. Ultimately, the structure brings new transparency to the reporting process.

      The topping-out ceremony marks a milestone in the project’s construction. Following the completion of the central structure, the new headquarters are anticipated to be ready for use by the end of 2019.