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    • 13 December 2018

      Designing a New Courthouse in Copenhagen

      The new 16,000 m2 Eastern High Court is expected to be done at the end of 2021. Henning Larsen, Norconsult and A. Enggaard are behind the design.

    • The new courthouse is designed with a deep understanding of the people and societal processes that it will host. A trial is a life-changing event for all implicated. Whether you face charges, have filed a suit, are a relative or work on behalf of the court, a trial is a journey with a beginning and an ending, a before and after.

      A courthouse’s first job is to be able to embrace and accommodate this transformation and the feelings that come with it.

      The High Court will be a distinct building with a characteristic and recognizable façade, a visual expression of dignity and integrity. The architectural expression refers to iconic, powerful buildings in Copenhagen with a modern interpretation of classical elements like pillars and tile work.

      Inside, the building is designed with dedicated circulation routes that ensure separation between judges, lay assessors, witnesses, and defendants. Balconies, courtyard areas, and views of the harbor and canals are granting spaces for users to find a calm and tranquil moment outside of the courtrooms. The daylight strategy ensures natural illumination for the entire building, and both the upper administrative levels and lower courtrooms are exposed to natural light.

      The construction is expected to start in the spring of 2019 after contracts have been approved in the Danish Parliament. The courthouse is expected to be ready for use by 2021. The new Eastern High Court is designed in close collaboration with A. Enggaard and Norconsult.