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    • 04 January 2019

      New Apartments Create a Village in the Big City

      The newly-finished Øresund Strandpark residences in Amager encourages connections between tenants through a network of green interior courtyards.

    • A few kilometers south of Copenhagen’s city center, the new Øresund Strandpark apartments rise over the beaches of nearby Amager Strandpark. These 437 homes join around a network of green, accessible courtyards, creating an intimate community between the residences.

      Designed in collaboration with property developers Skanska and Balder A/S, this new community of Øresund Strandpark is now finished.

      Just a stone’s throw from the waters of the Øresund, an organic connection with nature served as a central inspiration for Øresund Strandpark. The residences are laid out in a staggered frame structure that opens up to the surrounding community, creating an urban hybrid that is integrated with its natural setting while also reserving private space for its own residences.

      “We are very proud of the architecture, and the variety and quality of these new homes, which comprise one of the most energy efficient projects in our portfolio,” says Jacob Hovmøller, Project Manager with Balder A/S. “We’ve created attractive living spaces by providing many different housing types, and separating city noise from these tranquil inner courtyards. Moving forward, Øresund Strandpark will serve as a reference point for our future buildings.”

      Life between the apartments

      The project’s vision was of a residence composed of varied housing types focused organically around a network of outdoor commons. Close and easy connection between interior and exterior spaces was a priority from the beginning of the design process, and breaking down a central atrium space into several smaller courtyards encourages a more intimate sense of belonging and connection.

      “I’m incredibly proud that we, together with Balder A/S and Skanska, have fulfilled our initial ambition to create a vibrant residential area that encourages smaller-scale personal connections,” says Søren Øllgaard, the project’s supervising partner at Henning Larsen. “We feel we’ve created a residence with the potential to have a unique village-like atmosphere in the middle of the city. With quality materials, variation in apartment units and the upper-level penthouses, I think we’ve established a vision of what the future apartments of Copenhagen may look like.”

      Øresund Park is the collaborative project of Henning Larsen, Skanska A/S and Balder A/S, and is Skanska’s largest housing project to date. The collective value of Øresund Park’s terraced homes, apartment units and penthouses is valued at 1.7 billion DKK.