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    • 25 January 2019

      Louis Poulsen Exhibit Wins an Interior Award

      The trade fair exhibit, ‘Humans, Light, Rhythm’ was named a winner in the Contract Magazine Interior Awards in the Showroom category. 

    • Our design for the Louis Poulsen exhibit at the 2018 Light + Building Fair wins a Contract Magazine Interior Award in the Showroom Category.

      Representatives from our New York office accepted the award at the Awards Show last night. This is the 40th year that Contract Magazine has held their Interior Awards. Selected by a jury of industry design leaders, all winners will also be published in the January 2019 issue of the magazine. 

      The concept of “Humans, Light, Rhythm” was to bring a new urban space to life at the 2018 Light + Building Fair. The exhibit is a life-size model of a modern city highlighting how the integration of indoor and outdoor light is an essential component of architecture that enhances the urban experience.

      The stand design explores the role of light in diverse urban environments from city parks and streets to homes and workspaces.  As one travels through the exhibit, the lighting changes as it would walking through the city. The flow of light through the miniature city is controlled in part by the perforated steel walls on many of the cube-shaped buildings. Light channels freely through these openings and lands in changing patterns on surrounding surfaces, mimicking the dynamic effect of city windows at night – and encouraging people to reflect on how light affects their everyday experiences.

      The exhibit offers a vision of an ideal urban space where intentional illumination enhances life, and makes people feel good.