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    • 28 January 2019

      We Need to Talk About Tall Buildings in Scandinavia

      Tall buildings are coming to Scandinavia, and we must know more about high-rise construction innovations to ensure they will bring proper value to our cities. To start this process, we invited experts from all over the world to share knowledge.

    • In Scandinavia, the discussion of tall buildings is no longer limited to whether but how they can contribute to a viable and sustainable urban growth. Often undiscussed, is the role innovations in building technologies should play in the creation of Scandinavian highrises.

      This is because the typology is not very familiar in Denmark, according to Julian Chen, Architect, and Head of tall buildings at Henning Larsen.

      “It is not a building typology we usually design in Scandinavia, and thus architects do not have much knowledge about it. And because it is such a specialized field, it can be hard to ask questions,” he explains.

      To facilitate the necessary knowledge sharing, Henning Larsen hosted The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) Scandinavia’s 3rd Symposium on tall buildings, co-sponsored with Ramboll.

      Knowledge from experts

      Friday, January 25th, a lineup of experts gathered to share knowledge on the latest innovations in the building technologies around high-rises – from how to use pre-fabricated elements in 200 meters height and how to extract energy from elevator rides to transforming the existing high-rise building mass into viable new buildings. 

      The overall question, we need to debate, is how to create more sustainable tall buildings in Scandinavia and futureproof the tall buildings that are coming, since it is a long-lasting type of building. What will be ‘the Scandinavian way’ in this specific building technology? What is the approach in this region?

      “This is not discussion architects and developers in our region usually have, because they never get to meet the experts that can shine a light on what is possible. This symposium was about this knowledge – the technology that we already have or will get that can improve high-rises. It was about enlightenment and creating a better common ground for the entire industry to develop a sustainable Scandinavian way in this typology,” Julian Chen says.

      Speakers were: David Scott (UK), Lead Structural Director at Laing O’Rourke, Former Arup Global Tall Building Leader and Chairman of CTBUH. Shonn Mills (DK), Global Director for High Rise Buildings, Rambøll. Johannes De Jong (FIN/SG), Executive Vice President, Elevating Studio, the leading global expert in vertical transport. Charles Portelli (US), Associate Application Developer, Core Studio, Thornton Tomasetti. Han Blom (NL), Business Development Manager, Byldis.