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    • 13 August 2019

      Henning Larsen Celebrates 60 Years of Practice

      In the second half of the year, we will mark the anniversary with a wide range of initiatives, a book, and events across the globe.

    • 2019 marks the 60th anniversary of Henning Larsen’s architectural practice. In those 60 years, we have grown from a Copenhagen studio into a global practice with offices stretching from New York to Hong Kong and projects in locations as far-flung as Lapland and the Philippines.

      We were founded in 1959 by Danish architect Henning Larsen, whose name we proudly carry today. While a lot has changed, the focus of our practice has always remained the same: to approach architecture with curiosity and artistic audacity, resting on a solid foundation of knowledge-based design and attention to detail.

      To mark the 60 years, among other things, we will be launching a new section of our website dedicated to telling the stories of our practice. These stories will range from the familiar – the milestone projects, places, and people– to the less known – the chance encounters and bright ideas that made great things possible.

      Reviving SKALA

      In 1985, Henning Larsen launched SKALA, an architectural journal, and Copenhagen gallery. For nearly a decade, SKALA served to foster discussions of Scandinavian design, reflecting and amplifying voices within the world of architecture.

      As we celebrate Henning Larsen’s 60 years in practice, we are relaunching SKALA as a means to broaden and diversify our discussions of architecture not just amongst ourselves but with others. SKALA returns as a series of talks and design charrettes that will travel between Henning Larsen’s global offices, exploring ideas and topics relevant to the local context.

      Take in part in our journey. More info will follow on this site and on social media.