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    • 21 August 2019

      Henning Larsen Foundation Celebrates Josephine Michau

      Henning Larsen Foundation awards a 100.000 DKK grant to Josephine Michau, co-founder of the Copenhagen Architecture Festival.

    • Throughout her career, Josephine Michau has worked with documentaries, visual art, and the dissemination of culture and architecture in Denmark. She founded the Copenhagen Architecture Festival (CAFx) with Mads Farsø and Peter M. Rasmussen in 2014. She serves as CEO and Festival Director of CAFx, which has since spread its roots out to the other large cities in Denmark.

      "It is not just Josephine’s ability to convert her grand interest and knowledge within architecture into communication that is the reason the Henning Larsen Foundation has honored her as this year’s grand recipient," says Kent Martinussen, CEO in the Danish Architecture Center"

      "Josephine receives the grant because of her tireless commitment to understand, convey and involve people in the landscape of architecture, and what it means to our lives. Together with her colleagues, she has orchestrated more than 1000 architecture-related events."

      Distribution of architecture

      This year's award coincides with the 60-year anniversary of Henning Larsen’s founding. The foundation is a natural extension of Henning Larsen's interest in displaying and communicating architecture. In the 1980s, he founded an architecture gallery and the architectural magazine SKALA, a publication dedicated to exploring new perspectives in architecture. On the occasion of the anniversary, we're revisiting SKALA and reinventing the format into four design charrettes held throughout the world to push the industry forward through curiosity and dialogue.

      "To the Henning Larsen Foundation, there is a beautiful, straight line between the early efforts of Henning Larsen to open up and distribute architecture and Josephine Michau's current endeavors to do the same, but with new angles and in new media," Martinussen says.

      The Henning Larsen foundation was founded by architect Henning Larsen in 2001 and has since handed out an annual award on the founder's birthday, August 20th. In the jury is art historian Lone Backe, MA, author Bente Scavenius, architects Troels Troelsen, Ingela Larsson and Simon Ingvartsen, all from Henning Larsen, lawyer Niels Bang, and CEO of the Danish Architecture Center (DAC), Kent Martinussen. 

      Josephine Michau was celebrated on Tuesday, August 20th at a ceremony in the King's Garden in Copenhagen.