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    • 30 August 2019

      How Can We Transform Old Infrastructure Into More Livable Spaces?

      As part of Henning Larsen’s HL60 celebrations, an upcoming design charrette discusses the future of urban mobility - and how cyclists and pedestrians can reclaim the urban landscape.

    • Cars have defined urban planning for decades. Cities around the world have carved up their urban fabric to accommodate car traffic, bringing consequences like pollution and fractured neighborhoods.

      As alternative transit becomes increasingly popular, we must still reckon with the car’s legacy on our urban landscapes. How can we transform old infrastructure into more livable spaces?

      This question is at the core of an upcoming design charrette hosted by Henning Larsen: Freedom from Freeways – how cyclists and pedestrians can reclaim the urban landscape.

      In Copenhagen, the elevated six-lane expressway Bispeengbuen stands out among the city’s bike-centric infrastructure. Designed by Henning Larsen in the 1970s, it was envisioned as a vital conduit for vehicle traffic into the city center. A half-century after its completion, the future of Bispeengbuen seems uncertain.

      Using Copenhagen’s Bispeengbuen as a case study, this discussion focuses on how city planners and architects can repurpose existing infrastructure to place people, not cars, at the center of our cities. The event is part of our relaunch of SKALA, reimagining Henning Larsen’s architectural journal as a series of open discussions addressing the role of architecture and design in the future. The SKALA relaunch highlights Henning Larsen’s HL60 project, a showcase, and retrospective celebrating the past and future of the studio in celebration of 60 years of operation.

      C40 delegates, Copenhagen city officials, global industry leaders, local citizens, and academics will join in the dialogue, uniting a breadth of perspectives in exploring the future of mobility, urban life and city planning. The event will take place on October 9th, 2019 as part of the official host city festival hosted by the Municipality of Copenhagen who is hosting this year's C40 World Mayors Summit.