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    • 06 September 2019

      New Innovation Center Sets the Tone for CO-RO's Sustainable Future

      The refreshment brand CO-RO's new headquarters in Frederikssund, Denmark, is designed to be one of Europe's best and most modern development laboratories. It has just opened.

    • The global company CO-RO has built a new HQ in connection with its existing buildings in Frederikssund, which have also been renovated. In total, 5000 m² has now been inaugurated, and the new CORO HQ stands as an 'innovation powerhouse'.

      The new headquarters will become a hotbed for new research in CO-RO.

      “Our new facilities allow us to make prototypes much faster. At the same time, we have the opportunity to stand much stronger in the fight against sugar and plastic, which are two very big megatrends that are currently challenging the soft drink industry. Here, we must be at the forefront, ” Søren Holm Jensen, CEO of CO-RO, tells Dansk Industri.

      He expects the company to continue to grow and grow its business and reduce its carbon footprint in the coming years. The new headquarters must contribute to this.

      “The vision has been for CO-RO's global innovation lab to inspire both employees, guest researchers and customers to think and act creatively every day. The building must reflect quality and be optimized for a dynamic everyday life in a healthy working environment ”, says architect and partner in Henning Larsen, Søren Øllgaard.

      The head office is an extension to CO-RO's existing facilities in Frederikssund north of Copenhagen.

      The building primarily houses the new innovation lab but also includes a new canteen, auditorium and office space. The office space is designed to be flexible and dynamic to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing across the organization.