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    • 10 October 2019

      Groundbreaking for New HQ - a Nesting Box for Housing Ideas

      KAB’s new headquarter in Copenhagen is a nesting box for city development and housing ideas, the daily framework for 400 employees and a new public space in Copenhagen ─ today we cut the sod.

    • KAB has long been a frontrunner in shaping and innovating the strong Danish tradition of high-quality housing creating rented housing for Copenhageners with respect for people, residents' democracy and healthy life.

      KAB administers a portfolio of 60.000 tenancies in Copenhagen alone. Therefore, their new headquarters is an important building serving a large group of residents in Copenhagen. 

      Built for Copenhagen-life

      In close corporation with KAB, SLA landscape architects and NIRAS engineering, we are creating a building to serve as the framework for continued innovation of the Danish housing tradition. At the same time, it will be the inspiring daily framework for 400 employees simultaneously creating an entirely new public space in Copenhagen.

      The vision is to create a robust, publicly accessible headquarters generous enough to add value to a heavily trafficked area. The project is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2021.