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    • 14 November 2019

      We Design New Masterplan in Volkswagen’s Home Town

      Henning Larsen, in collaboration with Gehl Architects, has won a competition to design Wolfsburg Nordkopf, a mixed-use masterplan for the city of Wolfsburg in northern Germany.

    • A major milestone has been reached in the development of a future neighborhood in the city of Wolfsburg in northern Germany, home to the Volkswagen AG headquarters. Project partners Stadt Wolfsburg, SIGNA, Volkswagen AG, and Wolfsburg AG have chosen Henning Larsen and Gehl Architects to develop Wolfsburg Nordkopf, a masterplan and a model for mobile, functional and sustainable urban life.

      In this initial planning phase, Henning Larsen and Gehl Architects are developing the architectural vision, balancing the planned urban functionalities, and mobility concept for the neighborhood.

      "Sustainability and quality of life are at the core of Henning Larsen Architects' work – this approach was very compelling for realizing our vision," explains Timo Herzberg, CEO of SIGNA Real Estate Germany.

      "The architectural firm has planned numerous public buildings, residential and office buildings, and mixed-use urban neighborhoods that focus on people's needs and well-being," he says.

      “We are designing an inclusive city on human terms, with an emphasis on the social aspect. The goal is really to create a city that people want to move to and live in with their families. Collaboration has been key in developing future Wolfsburg. It has been a real privilege for us to help unlock this city’s great potential,” Partner and Design Principal at Henning Larsen, Louis Becker, says.

      A city for the future

      The plans for the Wolfsburg Nordkopf development illustrate a city of the future. Within the city center, southwest of Wolfsburg’s main train station, an urban development is set to be realized. The plan integrates experience-oriented retail, a progressive approach to urban mobility, attractive recreational areas for residents, as well as zoning for hospitality, commercial use, and residences.

      "More than ever before, skilled workers pay attention to an attractive living environment. Wolfsburg already has a lot to offer, but in competing for the best minds with other major cities, it’s important we stand out,” says Volkswagen Human Resources Director and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Wolfsburg AG, Gunnar Kilian.

      “A clever and courageous concept for the Nordkopf offers a great opportunity to establish Wolfsburg in a forward-thinking, sustainable light in terms of urban planning and community life.”

      In the selection process, Henning Larsen and Gehl Architects competed with the renowned architectural firms UNStudio from Amsterdam and Bjarke Ingels Group from Copenhagen. The completion of Wolfsburg Nordkopf’s first planning phase is scheduled for the end of the first quarter of 2020.