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    • 24 January 2020

      Jakob Strømann-Andersen Chosen for Innovation Committee

    • The Innovation Fund will be allocated a historically high funding budget of just under 1.9 billion DKK for next year. This gives the Innovation Fund an even more important role in accelerating the green transition in Denmark.

      The Business Research Committee is a professional advisory committee tasked with deciding on new applications for the Industrial PhD. and Business Postdoc schemes as well as assisting the Innovation Fund in research-related issues.

      Henning Larsen's partner, Jakob Strømann-Andersen, recently joined the committee as a new member.

      Researchers have been an essential part of the staff at Henning Larsen for the past 10 years. The work with researchers has not only been about creating innovation in our projects but equally about taking responsibility for innovation in the industry, says Partner Jakob Strømann-Andersen. 

      "It is important that we as a creative company take a broad and active responsibility for the research and innovation of the future," he says.

      "In the committee, I will work to maintain a strong focus on new research that supports digital innovation, circular economy, and interdisciplinary partnerships."

      Innovation creates value

      An Industrial PhD. is a three-year business-oriented research project and PhD. program, which is carried out in collaboration between a company, a candidate and a university. The Innovation Fund receives approximately 115 projects applications and approximately 120 million DKK for projects that are subject to academic approval.

      Henning Larsen was among the first architectural firms in Denmark to hire business researchers. What started as an experiment is already a decade old, and a total of 9 business researchers have been associated with the office. Collaboration with the researchers has, over the years, created value for the company and inspired us to invest in researchers with a broad range of expertise.

      “When I started my own business PhD. almost 10 years ago, it was a new thing," says Stømann-Andersen. "'Why do we have to do? Research is heavy, boring and belongs in universities,' it was said. Nobody says that anymore.”