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    • 06 October 2020

      rbb Has Started Broadcasting from Studio 14 with a Live Audience

      rbb, the public broadcasting station of Berlin and Brandenburg in Germany, has now begun producing programs with live audience participation in its new Studio 14 in Berlin, which was designed by Henning Larsen. The restaurant in the rooftop lounge also had a successful start. The first programs from the studio have been broadcasting since mid-June 2020, but initially, no audience was admitted.

    • The rbb rooftop lounge, Studio 14, was created from the conversion of the former conference floor of the rbb television center in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Since the renovation, it has been used as a publicly accessible production facility with technical equipment for radio and television broadcasts both with and without the presence of an audience. It can also be used as an event location (for both in and out-of-house events) and a cafeteria for casual visitors, guests and employees.

      The rbb rooftop lounge has a clear collaborative environment and demonstrates a modern media approach with openness to the public. At the same time, it supports the brand identity of rbb. The basis of the interior concept is the rbb logo, which has been transformed into a corporate identity pattern with its angles and colors and can be found in different materials. The result is an unmistakable design language in which the corporate identity is present without depicting the logo in a prominent way. The furniture materials have a raw and minimal quality and the color palette is based on the characteristic rbb red with contrasting shades of gray, blue, brown, and black.

      In order to allow the rooftop lounge to be used in a variety of ways, the flexible furniture offers different seating concepts to suit various events. The media wall on the stage can also be concealed by sliding elements so that instead of the studio atmosphere, a more casual mood is created in the room.

      In this project, the interior design team of Henning Larsen planned the renovation in close coordination with the historic preservation authorities.  In addition, Henning Larsen was also responsible for the room layout, carpentry,  furniture selection, and the coordination of the building and media technology, which includes audio technology, media control, camera and video technology, transmission networks, scenic lighting, and stage technology. The renovation took place without disrupting the broadcasting station’s regular operation.