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    • 28 October 2020

      Launching our New Research & Insight Hub

      We are launching our new Research & Insights Hub, which will be our platform for our ideas and insights, applied research, public and private partnerships.

    • Designing for a sustainable future requires us to explore new ideas, technology, and materials. We are pleased to announce the launch of our Research & Insights website to show you how we’re doing it.    

      The goal of architecture has always been to improve communities through design. It's a goal that, over the years, has only become more complex. Today, we're happy to share with you a new section of our website dedicated to this expanding and complex commitment. On Research + Insights, we highlight great ideas, the partners we are working with, and how, together, we're bringing these ideas to life.

      “We have a clear goal to weave sustainability into our every action, from the earliest dialogues with clients and stakeholders to execution of the final design. This is fundamental. Many companies adopt industry best practice to stay competitive. We do more: We make best practice. The goal, to me, is to create impact that benefits our clients, end-users, and society. It’s as simple as that,” explained Anne Grave, Advisor for Relations & Partnerships at Henning Larsen.

      You can access the new webpage through the Research section of our drop down menu, or by clicking the link.