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    • 23 February 2022

      We're Designing a New Campus in the Heart of Oslo

      As part of the winning Team HENT, we have been selected to design a new campus for NLA Høyskolen in the heart of Oslo. Alongside project partners HENT and WSP, our aim is to craft an dynamic home for public life in the Nordic capital. 

    • As part of Team HENT together with WSP, Henning Larsen will design the new campus for NLA Højskolen in Diakonhjemmet's garden. The vision is to develop a diverse campus that will be vibrant and inclusive all year round.

      The new campus for NLA Høyskolen is being conceived with high ambitions for a clear identity, to foster an inclusive community, and ensure a sense of well-being that supports activity and diversity for the area.

      The campus will be part of Diakonhjemmet's development project, as part of Diakonhjemmet's garden. Diakonhjemmet, a private foundation that resides within the Church of Norway, is located in the heart of Oslo in the Majorstuen area. The foundation owns, operates and develops companies and services within health, care and education.

      "For us, care for fellow human beings and strong commitment to the local community and society are the most important cornerstones when embarking on successful urban development projects,” says Kasper Kyndesen, Partner at Henning Larsen. “The goal for Diakonhjemmet is to create an attractive, vibrant and inclusive campus area – we look forward to seeing how it develops"

      With its interesting mix of functions, the campus for NLA Høyskolen has the potential to become the heart of Diakonhjemmet's garden and will be an important meeting place for visitors and locals alike.

      "We see great potential in developing Diakonhjemmet Hage to become a campus area that highlights and strengthens the qualities of the seasons, where adaptability to the local climate is used as a design tool to make it a comfortable and appealing place to be throughout the seasons," says Kyndesen.

      The project is expected to reach completion in 2023.