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    • 19 January 2021

      A New Island Oasis in Copenhagen

      Built out from central Copenhagen, the district of Nordhavn is unique within the capital, comprising new structures, new streets, new land – and it’s growing. We’re excited to add our mark to the city with Nordø (“North Island”), a 55,000m2 development that will add 115 new homes and supporting commercial and retail space to the burgeoning neighborhood. Separated from Redmolen by a small canal, Nordø will be an island oasis, a place to create a whole new community.

    • NordØ - city, culture and nature

      With a close connection to the rest of Nordhavn’s urban environment and retail strategy, Nordø focuses on community, diversity, a strengthened social life and dense living. The symbiotic community puts shared resources first: Nordø residents will be able to make use of various amenities in the island's hotel, among them the restaurant, gym, and laundry service.

      "Nordø is a place that is both a part of the city and at the same time an island - it is a luxury to be able to go home to the island, over the bridge, and away from Copenhagen and still be so close to the vibrant city," says Louis Becker about the concept.

      Nordø benefits from its close relationship to the harbor, which boasts water clean enough for swimming and fishing. While Nordø is a new district, many characteristic elements from the area’s former industrial days remain, and are reinterpreted to be part of Nordø's buildings and urban spaces

      The buildings are built with red bricks, which take their inspiration from Østerbro's classic block of flats, which create an intimate village environment with street space and courtyard environment and at the same time refers to the old industrial area. The refined meets the robust, and the city meets the water.


    • Not just another residential building

      With water on all sides and views to both Sweden and back to Copenhagen, Nordø is something quite special.

      Together with PFA properties, apartments can be designed with four different design lines that are customized for this particular construction.

      “The design directions we have chosen are difficult, but the result will be worth it. Nordø is not like any other residential building,” says Louis Becker, Design Principal at Henning Larsen.

      The apartments are suffused with daylight, both from the sky above, but also from the reflection from the water. Regardless of location, all apartments have a positive relationship to daylight. The apartments are large, spacious with high ceilings, and with terraces being an integrated part of the living rooms.

      DGNB certification for gold level

      The homes on Nordø are DGNB-certified to gold level. A DGNB certification is a standard that has been introduced with a focus on maintaining comprehensive and modern measurements of sustainability. Environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability were taken into account during the development and construction of the building. Another basic principle in DGNB certification is to ensure a good indoor climate through daylight, temperature and ventilation that works from commissioning.

      Nordø will welcome its first residents in 2023.