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    • 15 June 2021

      The Biotope Shortlisted in 2021 MIPIM Awards

      The shortlist names the lush, green home of the Métropole Européenne de Lille as a finalist in this year’s MIPIM Awards.

    • The Biotope has been shortlisted in the Best Office and Business Development category. The category celebrates “newly constructed office buildings and business parks that offer owners and users increased worker satisfaction and productivity, improved health, greater flexibility and enhanced energy and environmental performance of the workplace.” 

      Originally conceived as Lille’s bid for the European Medicines Agency, the building continues the original intent of recreating the office typology along three tenets for health: light, air, and nature. In the absence of space for a sperate ground level park— the building is constrained by sprawling highways and roads on either side— we have made the footprint of the building and the park one and the same. Nestled between the Grand Palais convention center and the Regional Council for the Hauts-de-France region, the Biotope is a prominent addition to this bustling corridor.

      Greenery travels up and around the Biotope as a natural extension of the city’s Green Ring running through the site. The Biotope creates a biodiverse ecosystem in the midst of the city. The expansive network of terraced gardens, balconies, and bridges are the breeding grounds for over 65 species of plants.

      From a human perspective, the landscaping provides a comfortable microclimate to take a moment of respite filled with diverse sights and scents. Equally important, however, is its contribution to CO2 reduction and local biodiversity.

      Large glass facades link interior office spaces seamlessly with the numerous outdoor spaces populating the building’s exterior. Ending up on one of the open-air balconies lining the interior perimeter or a rooftop garden is inevitable by design. Every floor has access to outdoor space, creating an equal and democratic distribution of nature across the office. Employees seated on any balcony are surrounded by the transparent interior façade, creating an open view of the municipality at work and reflecting the circular office environment.

      MIPIM delegates will be able to vote for their favorite projects in each category. Their vote combined with the jury’s vote will determine the winners, which will be announced in Cannes during this year’s MIPIM on September 8.