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    • 02 September 2021

      Seven New Associates Appointed to Design Leadership Team

      As Henning Larsen grows, seven new associate design directors have been added to Henning Larsen’s design leadership. 

    • Seven new Associate Design Directors have been elevated in Henning Larsen’s design leadership, underscoring the studio’s recent growth across the markets. The associates, all based in the Copenhagen office, cover architecture, landscape, and urbanism, as well as numerous geographies. 

      “The new Associate Design Directors are an important step in our strategy; they represent the next generation and will help to reinforce and develop our culture, design brand and professionalism into our markets and projects, both internationally and in Scandinavia,” says Jacob Kurek, Global Design Director for Architecture. Through talent and a professional mindset, they have proven their value through success in our typologies and markets. The Associate Design Directors will, in addition to leading design on projects, be working with the Design Directors in relation to clients, strategic partnerships and outreach."

      The new associates are (listed alphabetically by last name):

    • Mikkel Eskildsen / Associate Design Director, Architecture, Denmark
      Mikkel has, for the last decade, been the Lead Design Architect on major projects in Belgium, Australia, Sweden, and Denmark, seeing works through all the way from concept to detailing. Mikkel is currently leading a residential transformation project in the center of Brussels, a major industrial/landscape project in Aarhus, and a project that, when complete, will be Copenhagen’s largest timber building. 

      “Mikkel really lives our ethos of curiosity when it comes to rethinking and reinventing what is typical,” says Kurek. “He takes the time to research and asks the questions that get us to the progressive idea.”  

    • Franck Fdida / Associate Design Director, Architecture International
      Franck has several years of experience on international projects, and has been key in building Henning Larsen’s portfolio in France, with projects such as the Paris’ Opera Bastille, and NØRR in Paris. Franck has served as the lead design architect for some of the office’s best-known recent projects, including Cockle Bay Park in Sydney, and is currently leading the design of an innovation district in Berlin. 

      “As a French national, Franck truly has opened the door to us in the Francophone world but is also an essential player to us in our other international markets with his design skills – and weaves all this in with a strong understanding of our brand. Franck is charismatic, client-centric and determined to explore new possibilities that expand our recognition.”  

    • Troels Dam Madsen / Associate Design Director, Digital Practice
      With a background in engineering and innovation, Troels has been a key influence in the development of Henning Larsen’s research and sustainability areas. He applies his expertise in generative and computational design to all his work, notably the Gothenburg City Gate, the Microsoft HQ in Lyngby, and KAB in Copenhagen. Recently, he has led the office’s N3XTCON project which explores new methods in 3D printing concrete and minimising the use of resources

      Troels has a passionate understanding of digital tools and processes and their potential, without jeopardizing the integrity of our design. He has a profound interest in how we can rethink the traditional approach to design and building for the digital era, taking strides that will make a difference not just to the business but also to the world of tomorrow.



    • Mateusz Mastalski / Associate Design Director, Urbanism
      Mateusz Mastalski joined Henning Larsen in 2014, and specialises in the design of cultural and urban design projects across Europe, the Middle East, North America, and Scandinavia. As Lead Design Architect, Mateusz successfully led competition proposals for projects such as the Imperial Shipyard masterplan in Gdansk, Wolfsburg Connect in Wolfsburg, and East Harbour in Toronto. In his new position, Mateusz will focus further on livable urbanism in the international market. 

      Mateusz has a genuine, heartfelt passion for improving the quality of life in the public realm, and this passion echoes in every corner and detail of his work, from large complex masterplans to architectural details. He also has been an invaluable advocate for the next generation, giving back to the academia and mentoring our young talent.”  


    • Martin Stenberg / Associate Design Director, Architecture Sweden
      As a project director, Martin has been responsible for complex projects, collaborating with public and private clients and working across scales at all project phases. Martin is currently involved in some of our key projects in Sweden, including the design of an experience center for a globally-beloved brand and the masterplan for the climate-adapted transportation hub, Centrala Lindholmen; both in Gothenburg. Martin was also a key player in Henning Larsen’s Kiruna City Hall project, the first building to be completed in the northern Swedish city’s ambitious plan to shift 3km east. 

      Martin has been at the helm of some of our most complex, meaningful projects, and has brought exceptional level of detail and attention to them all. He has an unparalleled understanding of processes and facilitation – whether you’re a colleague or a client, if Martin is at the end of the table, you know you’re in safe hands. 

    • Greta Tiedje / Associate Design Director, Architecture International

      We are pleased to welcome Greta to Henning Larsen, who comes with 10 years of experience from COBE, where she has been Lead Design Architect on their international projects such as The Silo in Copenhagen, Science Center in Lund, Adidas Riptide in Herzogenaurach and Royal Street in London. With Greta’s analytical and strategic design approach, she will be leading projects from visioning to detailing and facing clients on the international market. 

      “Greta is fantastic strategic and conceptual thinker, and her international track record is second to none. She possesses a unique ability to think beyond the confines of a project to see solutions that are not obviousGreta is an exceptionally determined and passionate architect who creates beyond the traditionalWe look forward to seeing her push not just the boundaries of her projects, but of our practice in as a whole.  



    • Dorte Buchardt Westergaard / Associate Design Director, Landscape

      Dorte will be a key player in Henning Larsen’s growing Landscape Architecture team and joins Henning Larsen with vast and diverse experience when it comes to a biophilic design approach. She has led landscape design across scales and geographies, and at Henning Larsen, will be key to projects including CoopByen in Albertslund and Aarhus Rewater both in Denmark and Diakonhjemmet in Norway 

      “Dorte has extensive experience – and a track record to match – in shaping landscapes and environments that are far more than the sum of their parts. But in addition to her technical green-thumb, she is deeply accomplished in strategy and conceptual thinking – an essential ingredient as we deepen the capabilities and strengths of our team.”