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    • 15 September 2021

      Henning Larsen partners awarded Nykredit's Sustainability Award 2021

      Signe Kongebro and Jakob Strømann-Andersen have been awarded the Nykredit foundation's Sustainability Prize 2021, recognizing their achievement in bringing together architecture, climate, and the environment.

    • The Sustainability Award has been awarded every year since 2015. It is the board of Nykredit's Foundation that chooses the winner on the basis of a recommendation from an expert committee.

      According to the award committee, Signe Kongebro and Jakob Strømann-Andersen have made a name for themselves by doing something special for architecture, focusing on making architecture, the environment and climate come together. The jury's motivating statement states, among other things:

      ”This year the award goes to Signe Kongebro and Jakob Strømann-Andersen from Henning Larsen for their year-long effort to develop and promote knowledge and use of sustainable solutions. Through their commitment and open approach to collaboration and knowledge sharing, they have not only been pivotal for Henning Larsen's sustainability development, but also for the entire construction industry - both in a Scandinavian, but also in an international perspective."

      Signe Kongebro and Jakob Strømann-Andersen are the driving forces behind the increasing focus on sustainable construction in the industry. Both Signe and Jakob possess great knowledge on sustainability in construction and resource-conscious design. In addition, they are at the forefront of the work of linking innovation and new knowledge with architecture.

      Together, they have spearheaded the establishment of Henning Larsen's sustainability department. Their approach to sustainability has permeated the studio's projects in architecture, landscape and urbanism to such an extent that it can no longer be incased in a department.

      Signe Kongebro, who is Global Design Director and partner at Henning Larsen, has taught at the Royal Academy and was for several years adjunct professor of Sustainable Architecture Studies at Sheffield University. In addition, Signe is a member of numerous steering groups and advisory boards and is one of the founding partners behind several initiatives such as the REBUS Partnership and Sustainable Build. She has previously been a member of the Danish Arts Foundation and is the current deputy chairman of the board of the Aarhus School of Architecture.

      Jakob Strømann-Andersen, who is Director of Innovation and Sustainability and partner at Henning Larsen, teaches at DTU and the Royal Academy, and is a member of the committee for Industrial PhD Denmark at the Innovation Fund. In addition, Jakob sits on the board of Treble Technologies, an Icelandic company that has developed groundbreaking wave-based sound simulation products.

      The presentation of Nykredit's Sustainability Award for 2021 will take place on 15 September 2021 in Glaskuben in Copenhagen.