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    • 01 October 2021

      Henning Larsen designs new mobile experience universe for children for the Danish Royal Theatre

      Today, the Danish Royal Theatre's new mobile experience universe for children, Postyrium, is  opened by Danish Minister of Culture Ane Halsboe-Jørgensen and theater director Kasper Holten. Postyrium is designed by Henning Larsen.

    • The mobile experience universe Postyrium will create learnings and inspiration for the permanent children's universe for performing arts, which the Royal Theater with support from Realdania wants to create in the existing theater Stærekassen, which has only been available to the public to a limited extent since the Royal Play House opened in 2008.

      Postyrium consists of three containers placed in a U-shape. In the space between the containers, an outdoor atrium forms. But instead of hanging up a shielding stage curtain, a space-creating interpretation of the curtain has been hung up horizontally overhead using red strings, which emphasizes the space between the containers and invites visitors inside the atrium.

      “The vision for Postyrium is to let the theater's two elements - the artistic and the mechanical - meet: While the art takes place on stage, another kind of art takes place behind the scenes. Here we have let the two worlds meet in the form of the container's raw and industrial exterior and the refined elements of the performing arts in the interior. These two elements are woven together to create one unifying space that invites children inside different worlds in the classical universe, ”says Eva Ravnborg, Design Director Denmark from Henning Larsen.

      From the outside, the containers appear simple and uniform with their white-painted facades , but when the doors open, their magical and colorful worlds are revealed. In Postyrium, the 4-12-year-olds are invited to interact with three key elements from the world of classical theater: the ballet hall, the classical stage and the orchestra pit.

      Here, children can try their hand at the Royal Theatre's adventurous world and, among other things, practice ballet steps in front of a large mirror as in a real rehearsal room, listen to and play with various instruments from the orchestra pit and dress up in colorful costumes and perform on a golden stage complete with red velvet curtain.

      During the autumn, Postyrium rolls out to several different places in Denmark, and invites children inside the magical experience universe.