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    • 15 March 2022

      Celebrating our New Design Hub in Aarhus

      The new office, Henning Larsen’s first in Aarhus, will be “a playground for innovative architectural development.” 

    • As we continue to grow in our partnership with Ramboll, the opening of our new design hub in Aarhus marks a first; joining design and engineering talent together in the same space. 

      “For years we have talked about branching out in Aarhus,” said Mette Kynne Frandsen, Managing Director of Henning Larsen. “Now the time is right. Aarhus is home to such a breadth of talent and, crucially, the cross pollination of ideas. To deliver on our ambition to be leaders in sustainable change, we need both.”  

      The opening of our new design hub closely follows that of the new Aarhus School of Architecture, which was inaugurated in October 2021. Between the new design school and the nearby VIA College and Aarhus University School of Engineering, the city boasts a remarkably diverse population of talented young thinkers – thinkers who often leave the city for opportunities elsewhere.

      “Aarhus needs the established architectural firms to stay - and at the same time needs a breath of fresh air,” said Torben Nielsen, Rector at the Aarhus School of Architecture. “It is both strong and inspiring that you choose Aarhus as your playground for innovative architectural development.”

      With the new Hub, we move closer to the vibrant city of Aarhus to achieve greater visibility and to offer creative client dialogues, work intensively with co-creation and release the potential of our collaboration with Ramboll.

      This milestone occasion was celebrated in the new hub itself, located in the “Shipping Huset” building in Aarhus Ø. The building boasts spectacular views out onto the city and is a pivot point for the city, with bus, tram, and ferry lines all alighting near to the site.

      “To deliver on our mission to be partners for sustainable change, it is important that we open up,” said Ib Enevoldsen, Managing Director for Ramboll Denmark. “This space does that, ushering in a new era of co-creation for us and for Aarhus.”