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    • 18 May 2022

      We're Part of the New European Bauhaus

      The European Commission has launched the New European Bauhaus Initiative; a collective and interdisciplinary effort combining sustainability, social inclusion, and aesthetics in the urban and built environment. Henning Larsen has been selected to advise and support the incubation of the initiative. The first step will be to select 20 projects.

    • The influence of the Bauhaus movement was far-reaching and still impacts Henning Larsen today. The idea of working as a community, rather than a hierarchy, has been the backbone of our culture since the studios beginning.

      With the initiative “The New European Bauhaus”, the European Commission aims to breathe new life into the Bauhaus movement, and we are selected as one of the advisors selecting, qualifying and incubating projects submitted by cities from all over Europe.

      “Europe is looking to the future with hope and determination. And the New European Bauhaus fits perfectly into this outlook. It’s about how we want to live together after the pandemic, while respecting the planet and protecting our environment. It’s about making good life affordable and bringing generations together. It’s about empowering those who have the solutions for the climate crisis,” says President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, about the project.

      The Future Way of Living in Europe

      Marked a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, this new take provides an opportunity for experts from different backgrounds to come together to design future ways of living in a process that a team of experts from Henning Larsen together with Ramboll Management Consulting, ICLEI, Volcano and Adelphi will oversee.

      “Cities and municipalities are the biggest and most important change agents in the green transition of Europe. I am very proud that Henning Larsen has been entrusted as advisors to help secure the transformation and modernization of the existing building stock which contains so many great potentials. The New European Bauhaus will be an inspiration to not only private property owners, architects and planners but to cities beyond the borders of Europe,” says Signe Kongebro, Global Director of Urbanism at Henning Larsen about the project.

      Through a competitive call, the group of advisors will select 20 projects across Europe that will receive support from a team of dedicated experts. We are specifically looking to promote projects led by local public authorities and contributing to the New European Bauhaus in the following four action areas:

      - Renovation of existing buildings and public spaces in a spirit of circularity and carbon neutrality
      - Preservation and transformation of cultural heritage
      - Adaptation and transformation of buildings for affordable housing solutions
      - Regeneration of urban or rural spaces

      The deadline for the competitive call closes on May 30, 2022. Read more about the submission process and apply here.

      Photo by Thomas Konings via Unsplash